It almost seems like a Maine tradition at times to push your inspection sticker as long as you can. I've even been pulled over because of it. Or, you always hear stories about folks having a "guy" who can take care of it. Be it someone who can get you a fake sticker, or a "real" one because of a pretty lax inspection.

Other states don't even have vehicle inspections. You just have to register your car from time to time and that's about it. But, on what I would describe as a very short list of silver linings in the cloud of the coronavirus, Maine has decided they're going to extend the grace period for expired inspection stickers, according to a post from the State Police..

Actually, it's not just inspection stickers. they're also extending the grace period for vehicle registrations as well. So if you're an ultimate slacker, you're pretty much all set. A craftily irresponsible person could stretch out their entire process for months. And even more crafty person could probably talk their way out of it for even longer than that.

So while I'm not really encouraging anyone to go ahead and temporarily blow off their vehicular commitments, at least the state has specifically said they're not interested in coming to get you. So enjoy this little extra bit of time with no consequence. Lord knows when it will happen again.

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