Apparently they've never been to Portage. has just published The Most Boring Town In Every State ('Tis The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Lame).  In the article they called these towns "achingly drab territory."

And the honor here in Maine goes to......Dover-Foxcroft, the seat of Piscataquis County!

Now how did such a fine online publication come up with Dover-Foxcroft?

Here's how: "Drawing data from the U.S. Census and American Community Survey, we examined which places in each state have the highest median ages, the fewest number of things to do, and the lowest population density—making it a decent chance you’ll have trouble finding tons and tons of fun".

Hey, Dover-Foxcroft may not be Portland, Bangor, or even Ellsworth, but it ain't that bad.  There's a YMCA, Dave's World, Mayo Regional Hospital, the Fairgrounds, Foxcroft Academy, a fairly good size river that runs through it, and the freakin' Whoopie Pie Festival for God's sake.  Not bad for rural Maine.

BestLifeOnline went on to say, "We’re talking towns where the average age is higher than the speed limit, where most of the citizens are married (with kids!), and where the number of restaurants and venues can be counted on your fingers."

Apparently they've never been to Dennysville.



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