For those of us who love the stars but can basically pick out the big and little dippers and Orion’s belt we have a meteor show coming we might actually be able to spot in the night sky.

According to Earth Sky, the meteors actually originate from Comet Halley but because of their proximity to Orion when visible they are referred to as Orionid.

Now be forewarned this is going to be best viewed in early morning hours from midnight Friday, Oct. 20 through the wee hours before dawn on Saturday, Oct. 21. It is said that from a dark site, you could see 10 to 15 meteors fly across the sky.

So get your wish list ready because these are what most people refer to as "shooting stars."  Now if you want to get picky, meteors are actually vaporizing bits of comet ice and dust that streak the night sky.

Fine I say, but I'm still getting some wishes in.

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