Another day, another Ozzy Osbourne health update. Luckily, this is the second positive one we've gotten from a family member since the news broke that he was being hospitalized for complications with the flu. Sharon Osbourne returned to her show today (Feb. 12) The Talk and said he is "doing good."

"He's breathing on his own. He's overcome by the response he's had," she says. After contracting the flu and bronchitis, doctors felt it was best for him stay in the hospital to ensure a speedy and safe recovery. His son Jack offered an update last week (Feb. 7) in an instagram post that he was going to see him in the hospital and that he was "doing much better."

The European leg of his "No More Tours 2" tour with Judas Priest had to be called off for the time being, but it seems as if The Prince of Darkness's luck is changing and he will soon be able to return home.

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