In this world of hack-happy criminals, everyone who works or plays online is now plagued with requests from many service providers to constantly change their passwords.  Seems like a simple enough request., but how do you make a password the is the new recommended 12 characters that you can still remember tomorrow?

I was looking at what AOL call the common blunders people make when creating a password. And if I were you I'd check this link to see if you've made one of them that is the password you should probably fix first. And before you get feeling all like oh I'd never! Their password boo-boos include things like using your name and phrases such as I love you. Add to that obvious substitutions and catchy pop culture catch phrases.

Now what they will follow up with is the advice to use a password generator.  As a person over 50 I can tell you I won't remember it tomorrow so let's keep thinking.

The trick I use I found in I think it was a Consumers Report years ago.  I use it and it works great plus it is personal so I can remember it. Here is how you do it.

Start with a sentence about you that is true. For example:

We were married in October and honeymooned at Niagara falls Canadian side. Now we take the first letter of each word and make a few substitutions.


There you go memorable if that is your story, 12 characters and symbols and numbers. Easy peazy.

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