Crooks are informing home owners that the "Federal Tax Authorities" will be taking possession of their properties for non-payment.

Check out this letter that a cop with the Gouldsboro Police Department posted to Facebook. Don't fall for this one.

Those nasty Federal Tax Authorities, demanding payment for an overdue debt, or else, via a not so official notice for such an important process. Apparently the officer who eventually was given the notice gave the number included a call, and the person that answered, without even verifying who was on the other end, wanted $500.

No good Federal Tax Authorities.

There is so much of this sort of thing going, over the phone, in the mail, and within cyberspace.  Make sure that you're right on top of things, by continuously warning those who would fall for these scams, like the very young and the elderly.

Rip up, hang up, and good luck.

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