Ever get snacking on something only to back and get more and more until so feel sick or can barely move. Scientists believe they have figured out why that is and which food are most likely to send you over the edge.

The study published by PLOS One says that some foods can have the same basic effect on our systems as drugs do  by the way we absorb them and their chemical make up. This particularly was shown to be true on test subjects who  ate fat and refined carbohydrates.  They believe they have shown that some food are more likely to trigger addictive like eating or in simpler terms  an eating binge.

The top five food that the study says you should be mindful of because of their addictive drug like nature are:

5. Ice Cream
4. Cookie
3. Chips
2. Chocolate
1. Pizza

The whole list will give you insight into what foods may be triggering you to fall off the healthy eating wagon by kind of no fault of your own. I can't say I never fall into the Holy cow why did I just eat all that trap but I have a few simple rules that can at least slow me down to give my common sense a fighting chance. They are:

  • Never eat food out of the container
  • Don't keep foods in the house I know I struggle with controlling myself with
  • Once and a while allow myself a splurge

Good luck you can do this because even though it is not your fault it is in your control to set yourself up for a win.

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