The State Medical Examiner ruled Wednesday that a 5-year-old Scarborough girl died as the result of an accidental shooting. The cause Elise Dorr's death on Monday was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The .45 caliber handgun was owned by the girl's father, Todd Dorr, and was in a backpack located in the bedroom where father and daughter were located, according to police. Todd told detectives he went to adjust the TV and heard the gunshot as he moved across the room.

Detectives said the girl retrieved the gun from the backpack, and was on the bed when the gun went off. The gun was not in a holster and there was no gunlock.

State Police said this is a tragic reminder of how quick and unpredictable children can be around a loaded firearm and gun owners need to make sure guns are secured and out of reach when children are present. No charges have been filed, but State Police will have prosecutors review their investigative report once it is completed.

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