Break out the steak sauce, we have a winner!

We recently asked our listeners and Facebook fans where they thought the best steakhouse was in eastern Maine, and like a stampede of cattle on it's way to the feeding trough, the votes came rolling in.

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From London broil to Porterhouse, from Sirloin to T-bone, it was obvious that our listeners know a good piece of meat and where to find it.  Our listeners voted for smaller places like the Pickled Wrinkle in Birch Harbor and the Crocker House Country Inn in Hancock, and also bigger places like the two most well-known steakhouses in Bangor that battled it out for our top spot in the poll results.

So here you go.  Strap on a bib and gather up your fork and sharpest blade, because it's time to dig into our big, juicy results.

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