To be fair, the entire Northeast is known for better tipping.

So when you go out to a restaurant how much do you tip? I personally do 20 percent for dinner and 15 percent for breakfast and lunch because that is what I was always told was the proper tips to give.

This is true for most tippers according the survey of about 1000 people. Most people tip the way they were taught to do so. Topping the list of the best tippers at a eat in restaurant were male baby boomers from the Northeast particularly Republicans closely followed by Independents.

The study also showed that we tip more when we use a debit or credit card.

One Cornell University professor who studies tipping said that a lot of tipping depends solely on how much money you have to spend. (I am thinking we might have worked that one out on our own.) She also thought the men in the survey may be exaggerating the amounts the tip. Maybe so, but the tables that wait staff said they don’t like to see come into their section are one full of college students.

The other thing I found interesting is that men are less likely to tip for other things than women like maid services and hair cuts.

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