There are plenty of haunted houses all over the world, and I believe that something or someone followed my boyfriend and me from Florida, all the way up north to Maine.

When in Florida, there was not too much activity. The only paranormal activity we ever had was when I saw a man figure and we kept hearing something in the attic crawlspace. However, once we moved to Maine, there seemed to be much more activity going on.

In Maine, we started spotting orbs floating on our cameras, cabinets would open, a bathroom door would close and lock on its own, the television would randomly change channels, and at times a man's voice was heard.

Of course, I took some small steps to help this issue. I purchased witch balls which are supposed to capture any negative energy that tries to come into the home and I burned some sage. Even with these two purchases, activity kept happening. This led me to assume (let's be real, it had me hoping) that whatever was causing this activity was nothing negative and here to hurt us.

Somehow, it has been quiet for months, and I've only changed one thing...I adopted a kitten.

I honestly just really wanted a cat, I never knew that cats are actually beneficial when it comes to paranormal beings in your home.

According to Catastic, "Cats have been known to be spiritual protectors for thousands of years. Their natural senses allow them to detect evil entities in a home and ward them off."

The question that has been asked for YEARS, is if cats can help ward off things we cannot see, aka ghosts. Honestly, it makes sense, cats have extraordinary senses that we as humans don’t have, so maybe they are able to sense something that we cannot.

All I know is that since I adopted my cat, my home has been no activity in my house.

You can try witch balls, sage, getting a medium to come to your house, or you can simply just go out and adopt a new furry family member to try to help with your potential ghost problem.

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