Of course, everyone is still reeling from the news of Lisa Marie.

It was a stun to the world to find out the King's daughter passed away last week. She was only 54 years old, and the news seemed to come out of nowhere. Lord knows, she lived a bit of an eccentric life... Her super-short marriage to Michael Jackson for instance. On the other hand, if you grew up as the daughter of Elvis, nothing would ever be what you and I might consider "normal".

Since the news came out, all sorts of folks on social media have  been sharing all manner of stories about Elvis's life. Whether they were supposed to see him here in Maine, or friends of mine in the radio biz that actually met Lisa Marie... There's been a lot of sharing and reminiscing.

However, I was today years old when I found out Priscilla Presley lived in Bangor.

I'd started seeing some rumblings on various Facebook pages, and people were talking about how Priscilla, when she was a young girl, lived for a time here in Bangor when her stepfather was stationed at Dow Air Force Base. Maine news legend Bill Green shared the info he knew about on his own page.

Her biological father was a Navy pilot who died in a plane crash, and her stepfather was in the Air Force and ended up here. While in Bangor she went to Mary Snow School during 2nd grade in the early 1950's, according to Bill's post. Soon after leaving Maine and moving to Texas, her stepdad was transferred to Germany. One could say the rest is history there, as Germany is where she met and fell in love with Elvis. Crazy, right?

These days she lives in New York, like most celebrities. She moved so much as a kid, it's likely she barely even remembers her time here. But lots of people around here have been sharing their stories of knowing her just for a minute. But hey, it's cool for Bangor to have this neat little connection to the King of Rock & Roll. And of course, our condolences to Priscilla and her family, as they mourn the passing of Lisa Marie.

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