There are some things you can almost count on during the Halloween season:

1.) Someone's bound to eat too much candy and feel ill.

Caucasian Boy Wearing A Giraffe Costume And Frowning On Halloween
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2.) There will likely be at least one costume snafu.

Severin Schweiger
Severin Schweiger

3.) People will touch things that don't belong to them, like decorations and pumpkins.

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As much as you'd wish it didn't happen when the holiday's catchphrase is "Trick or Treat?" it's kind of inescapable.

But one particularly perverted person took pumpkin vandalism to a whole new level just a few years ago in Ellsworth.

Scarecrow on a pumpkin

You can file this straight into the "This is why we can't have nice things" category.

Someone had set up a festive fall display outside of the Flexit Cafe & Bakery on Main Street in Ellsworth in the fall of 2020. It was a sweet little display, complete with hay bales and big, orange pumpkins. We're sure such an adorable little scene brought joy to passers-by who looked upon the scene. That was until one sneaky suspect decided to add their own personal touch to the pumpkins.

An unknown assailant, armed with a carving tool, well, carved some "tools" into those perfect pumpkins.

newborn baby portrait with funny shocked face expression

Based on the Kindergarten level of skill, and scale, it's likely this was the work of a person not fully matured yet. It's obvious this individual lacked the proper guidance and education, or else they would have known not to style a squash that was not their own.

We can't show you their "addition" because it was a bit too obscene, but based on the post put up on the Downtown Ellsworth, ME Facebook page, feelings about the incident varied from outrage to amusement.



Ultimately most who commented agreed that the perpetrator in this matter should have heeded the old adage "If it's not yours, don't touch it" or in this case, they should have had some respect for O.P.P.--"other people's pumpkins."

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