Yesterday was truly amazing...

It's no secret I love the dickens out of my job. I basically get to be a "public use" version of myself, and actually make a living doing it. It's nuts. But when you throw in days like yesterday, it's literally an over-the-top kind of feeling. When you're able to throw down, connect with the community, and raise money for a great cause, it's humbling.

Yesterday, Cori and I hunkered down all day to help the Special Olympics Maine raise money. In fact, today is the Torch Run. A series of runners, starting in the Town Hill area down near the coast, are delivering the torch up to the UMaine campus to light the big torch as part of the opening ceremonies for this year's Special Olympics.

We have the best listeners on Earth...

To do our part, we turned absolute control over to the radio station to you, our listeners, all day long. The deal was, if you'll pay it, we'll play it. We heard country, classical, prog metal, cartoon themes... all day. In all, we took almost 70 requests over the course of the day. It was hilarious at times, and business as usual at others. But always fun.

We had law enforcement officers from sever communities show up as well. Folks from Hampden, Bangor, Orono, Holden, and the Penobscot County Sheriff's Dept. all stopped in to help man phones, talk on the air, or donate money. And our favorite Special Olympian Zak Attack came and hung out most of the day too! They were all the coolest people to hang out with and connect with.

All in all, you helped us put over $4000 into the coffers for Special Olympics Maine. Sure, it was a bit less than last year, but gas and oil were $2 a gallon cheaper. Groceries didn't require a second mortgage. but even in the current financial climate, folks dug deep and showed up strong.

Cori and I can't thank you enough for all you did to help. You're truly amazing human beings.


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