I saw this story yesterday about a disabled senior residing in Rockland , Maine who had purchased a gun after being broken into 4 times in his apartment complex and I personally thought good for him. I have been broken into in my life and it is so scary and disconcerting for a person. Seriously, if where he is living is that riddled with crime he has every right to protect himself.  So imagine my surprise when I saw the story that the management company had told him to get rid of his gun.

O.k. I get that the rules are the rules but to cite safety in the complex where they are not keeping the tenants safe seems a bit hypocritical.

BDN Midcoast edition took a statement from the apartment manager: " Park Place Apartments is managed by Stanford Management Co. of Portland. Russ Gagne, director of finance, said the firearm prohibition is part of the house rules for living in the apartments, and tenants sign a lease that requires they adhere to house rules. “This is to ensure the safety of all tenants,” Gagne said. "He said owners and managers of private rental units can prohibit firearms. He said most multifamily housing developments have such prohibitions. Stanford manages about 1,500 units in Maine", he said.

If that is the way of it I'd like to see there action plan to assure that he never gets broken into again.