Not sure when the last time was you felt the need to run the a/c for the day only to see the spike in you electric bill but for me it wasn't that long ago.   Since then I have adopted some of these easy tips to keep the house cool and now I virtually never feel the necessity of turning to the a/c to keep my cool.

Now the video above has many ways to make the house cooler so go ahead and watch but these are my go to cooling practices.

  1. Opening the windows at night when the air is cool and then shutting them in the morning. when it's really going to be hot I add a fan blowing the air in.
  2. I pull my roman shades during the morning. They have white cotton backings.
  3. I do put the throw pillows away in the summer and vacuum a bit more often.
  4. And finally I do use cotton sheets and I wash them more often in summer.

For new tips both the towel and floor dampening was an interesting tip and the frozen bottles in front of the fan was a little over the top but you gotta say it is affordable and if it works who'd complain. Keep cool.

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