This makes so much sense I think we need to send a letter to the Bangor and Brewer PDs. But first meet the newest member of the Scarborough Police Department and give them a hand naming her.

As it states in their post these officers are looking for this dog to help both first responder and citizens cope with traumatic situations. As the Chief says:

"It is often said that a dog is a person’s best friend. They are non-judgmental, loving, and simply want to be there when they know you are having a difficult time."

Enter little miss no name.  Part Poodle and part Saint Bernard and part Mini-Poodle she is hypoallergenic, non-shedding and should have a calm demeanor with all species human and otherwise. Their best guess is that full grown she'll be about 40 pounds of loving police dog. So here is where we come in, they have asked for name suggestions. If you'd like to make one click here. Her name will be chosen by the officers and all names suggested will be considered.  Her first official day in the department will be Nov 4th so don't wait, this girl needs a name.

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