I thin we know that certain neighborhood to go through to see the most spectacular Christmas Lights.  But no you can throw out a new challenge for them.  Can you be seen from the International Space Station?

The Daily Mail tells of this group of students who were inspires to figure it out by the Holiday film 'Deck the Halls' where the main character tasks himself with making his house visible from space. Clark Griswold eat your heart out.

After looking into lumens and location the magic number they came up with to brighten the Christmas of the Space Station is 2,683 LED lights places on your roof. The other caveat they believe is that your home must be in a location with lows level light pollution.

So light'em up and tell the astronauts we say Merry Christmas.

P.S. They must see the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay since they boast 650,000 LED lights in their 5 acre parcel.

Here is the original trailer for the movie and it actually looks pretty funny.

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