Tidal falls from DowneastCowboy on Vimeo.

A  reversing falls is located within Mt. Desert Narrows on the way to Taunton Bay between Hancock and Sullivan, and it certainly is one of the region's most unusual natural phenomena.

Our friend the Downeast Cowboy recently sent his drone airborne above what locals and tourists drive for miles to see, Tidal Falls in Hancock. Check out some of this beautiful footage while you're stuck there in the office or from the comfort of your recliner. Find the video on his Facebook page HERE.

Tidal Falls Preserve is a really nice place to stand beside the water and watch Mother Nature at her finest. Chances are that you'll see seals, blue heron, ducks and other wildlife dancing within the water and riding the flow. The picnic area there is open to the public and run by the Frenchman Bay Conservancy and the Maine Department of Conservation.

And yes, the Falls do "reverse" daily with the VERY STRONG TIDES!

As you stand there at Tidal Falls Preserve you can just feel the history of the place, as it was the first site in the area where the railroad once met the ferry, and tourists were taken to Bar Harbor. Large schooners once also docked there, and granite mined and cut in Sullivan was shipped out to big cities like Boston and New York.

But the place is certainly much quieter now, and we highly recommend setting up a picnic lunch on one of the many tables there, when it is warm once again. The place is free of charge and there is plenty of parking now.  No dogs allowed though.

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