Christmas is a mere 5 days away and according to Google it isn't sugar plums dancing in our heads.

A group called satellite internet has taken the time to see what is on our minds this Holiday season and the results may surprise you.  Let's start with the west coast just for fun. Both California and Nevada were most concerned with the open status of Starbucks on Christmas. More inline with what I might have thought in the midwest Nebraska is looking for the best light displays while Missouri is yet another state infatuated with Starbucks. So in New England were we also concerned with our Christmas caffeine? No at all. Vermont and New Hampshire are looking for a place to listen to Christmas Music, Meanwhile in Mass they are looking to spike the eggnog. In Maine? Well here we seem to be preoccupied with the weather.  And given the fact that ever since I can remember it changes about every ten seconds you have to agree it is mostly self preservation if we had to guess.

Click here to wee the entire map.  And to save you a little time Rain is coming, some high wind and then sunny and cold.

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