Well this video and soundtrack just about sums it all up for us.

What beautiful video footage provided to us once again by Jeff Hobbs, and this time set to the music of Terry Swett of North Bridgton, Maine, who is lobbying to get his song to become the State's song of the 21st Century.  The video reminds us all who live here in the Pine Tree State just how lucky we are to do so.

This wonderful creation shows numerous Maine landmarks including the Rockland Breakwater, the sprawling farmland of Aroostook County, the rocky coastline of Acadia, the Portland Head Lighthouse and the Maine State Capitol in Augusta.  It pretty much covers it all from east to west and then from south to north.

The song by songwriter Terry Sweet is titled "My Sweet Maine", and a recent process has been started to present it to Maine State Legislators to become the be the State Song for the 21st Century. Terry Sweet debuted the song at the Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfast just about one year ago.

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The video was produced last year for the Maine Bicentennial, which was pretty much annihilated by the every continuing nasty COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Dobbs of the Bar Harbor area was asked by Maine Senator Angus King to set his video to the song, and it came out beautifully.

Yes, talk about Maine Pride.  This video will certainly create that.


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