After what was kind of an uneventful start to the winter, and then an over eventful start to the New Year, weather-wise, that last big snowstorm we got reminded me of that time last year when a Maine Police Chief witnessed with his own eyes something he'll probably never see again.

Here's the story of the convertible in the snow storm.


While snow fell from the sky across the state, Skowhegan Police Chief David Bucknam caught a fantastic photo of the storm. But the photo had less to do with Nature, per se, but rather the nature of certain people.

What Chief Bucknam caught was a photo of a driver, who had apparently just received a push from a helpful Skowhegan citizen to remove his convertible from a snowbank, and drive off down the road--with the top down. Yes, you read that right...this driver was cruising around town, during a snowstorm, with the top down.

I love how Chief Bucknam described the scene:

"As I drove by, I observed the operator decked out in heavy winter gear. I love this person's sense of adventure. I was lucky to get this picture as it turned into Madison Avenue."

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According to the comment section beneath Bucknam's post, this is not the first sighting of the topless convertible. This person's been spotted all over Skowhegan.

Of course, folks speculated the reason behind the driver's decision to brave the storm with the top down.

"The top is probably frozen in the down position!"

Others wondered if perhaps it was a need to feel the wind in his hair stating "When you miss riding your motorcycle that bad... you'll go any measure to feel the wind in your hair."

And some even praised this person's commitment to work:

"He has a great work ethic doing what he has to to get to work. I hope he has a shovel."

Personally, I think if the person was dressed for the elements, and not hurting anyone, why not let them travel by whatever means they have available to them? I think it's kind of awesome. Only in Maine!

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