The lovey-dovey of this weekend's Valentine's Day holiday has passed, and it's finally time for those of us who are sans a someone special to get to celebrate (is that even a thing that we do?) Today is National Singles Awareness Day, as if we who live our lives alone need a reminder that we're all by ourselves! But one thing most of us who are without a partner do share with others like us, is that we all have an ex who is partially responsible for this solitary station in life. And to them, we should totally send a special song, don't you think?

Now, this could be a song that represents how you feel about that person, a song that represents the situation that led to you flying solo, or even a song that describes how life is for you today.

JStew: I have mostly good exes. Even ones that I don't actively keep in touch with are generally decent people. But like most folks, I have the one completely evil ex. Luckily, she lives a long ways away and I don't have to ever deal with her. But if I were to suggest a song for her, it would be Zeppelin's "Your Time Is Gonna Come". If I'd had the foresight to dedicate it to her back then, she'd have definitely gotten what's coming to her. On the other hand, it's been so long, I don't really care anymore. So, you know....bygones.

Cori: This was a tricky one for me. It would seem there are a ton of songs about cheating on someone, but less about being cheated on. And I feel that with my particular circumstances, there just really weren't any songs that adequately captured my feelings about the situation. So I went a different route with my pick. Instead of a song directing my anger, disappointment and disbelief about the ordeal towards my ex, I decided to remind that person that despite what they've tried to inflict upon my life with their super-selfish decisions, it hasn't changed who I have been all along. And while they likely wish I'd curl into a ball and give up, I Won't Back Down.

Here are some of the songs you picked:

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Ginger Wentworth Another one bites the dust

Steve Alice Cooper, Go To Hell

Jim Thank God and Greyhound You're Gone

Colleen I Will Survive

Goose59 Someone I used to know

Jim From Medway Hey hey good bye. But honestly I wish them nothing but the best and hope that they find what they are looking for

Kari Jo Davis I need a lover that won't drive me crazy. Lol. P.s. I've found him.

Amanda E. Gleason Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts”. “You’re going to catch a cold from the ice inside your soul” is my favorite line.
Cheryl from Milbridge Dennis Leary You're An A$$hole

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