A woman from Stockton Springs, on trial for allegedly killing her toddler son, was found guilty by a jury of her peers in Waldo County Superior Court Tuesday afternoon.

According to WABI TV5,

"The jury in the Jessica Trefethen murder trial found the 36-year-old guilty of depraved-indifference murder Tuesday afternoon in death of her son, 3-year-old Maddox Williams."

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Trefethen, who also went by the last name of Johnson or Williams, and who has 5 other children aside from Maddox, was accused of abusing the boy, after bringing him to the Waldo General Hospital in June of last year, claiming he'd been tripped by a dog and kicked in the head by a sibling, according to an article by the Republican Journal.

When the medical staff at Waldo General could not revive the boy, his mother was told he had passed, and then she went off-grid.

"It took police three days to find Trefethen after hospital staff told her Maddox was dead and she left the hospital.

While Trefethen was avoiding police, a medical examiner was conducting an autopsy that revealed Maddox’s injuries — extensive bruising, internal bleeding, missing teeth and a broken spine..."

The trial, which started at the beginning of the month, featured testimony by multiple witnesses called by the prosecution, each recounting their suspected abuse of the young boy at the hands of Jessica Trefethen.

WABI says Trefethen will next appear before a judge for sentencing in December, where she could face up to 25 years in prison.

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