For any pet lover, losing a pet can be one of the toughest things to go through. Our pets become part of our family, and for some, the grief they experience when a beloved furry family member passes can be overwhelming.

Ill golden retriever on operating table in veterinarian's clinic

The folks at The Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic recognize what a struggle that can be for some, and have come up with a way to support those who might need a little extra help with their mourning process.

This week, the EMEV announced on their social media pages that they were going to be offering a special monthly meeting specifically geared towards those who have had a pet pass.


"We are pleased to offer a Pet Loss Support Group with a Licensed Veterinary Social Worker. Losing a pet can be just as overwhelming as losing a human family member or friend. This is a virtual meeting once a month and open to our clients."

A man with his dog.
Gary Shannon

The meetings, to be held the first Saturday of each month, virtually, at 9 AM, are not only a support group for those who have recently lost a pet, but also for people who know that their time with their pet may be coming to an end and preparing for that loss, and also those who are dealing with the anniversary of losing a pet, too.

For more information, you can email

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