Over the weekend I was with a group that was already lamenting about impending snow.  Little did we know as she fretted that somewhere not too far away another group was doing a happy dance for making it happen.

And who can blame them, after all Sunday River is ski resort.  And to make sure that they squeeze the absolute longest season and best skiing for those with that persuasion they are investing in new snow making machines for the mountain. Last Friday they posted with great glee tat the temperatures were cold enough to complete their snow-making systems test on Lower Downdraft. The thing giving them additional production ability to make snow is a new 600-horsepower pump. Their webpage says this upgrade to their snow-making system will produce an immediate 15% increase in water capacity for the upcoming season and is the first phase of doubling our snow-making capacity with future upgrades.

Fabulous news for skiers from Maine and away.  And hey fellas if I can help you can have all the snow that comes to my house too.

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