This handsome boy with striking features is Cocoa. He's the SPCA of Hancock County's Pet of the Week this week.

At just 12 years young, this beautiful boy still has plenty of love to give, and he's not shy about giving it!

"Cocoa is a gorgeous Oriental Siamese with striking features, like his sharp cheekbones and his piercing blue eyes."

According to your friend Cole over at the SPCA, he loves both his human friends and his feline friends...almost too much!

"In fact, he can be a bit overwhelming to most new cats, since he gets right up in their face and expects immediate friendship. He is disappointed and a bit crotchety when that friendship doesn’t come immediately. Cocoa would be happiest in a home with other cats who love affection, and of course in a home where he can dote on his human and get undivided attention."

attachment-cocoa potw

In the interest of transparency, Cole says Cocoa has been a bit of a mystery, health-wise. He had an undiagnosed issue that seems to have been resolved now, but one can never tell.

"Cocoa is still putting weight back on after a mysterious weight loss. We tried to identify the root of his problem but the vet recommended explorative options, and we opted to let this guy be as peaceful as possible. He may still cost his future family a pretty penny, since his health issues could not be diagnosed through standard checks."

Would a cat be a cat without some complexities? We didn't think so.

If you'd like to add a little sweetness to your life, and visit with Cocoa, you can contact the SPCA of Hancock County to find out more.

If you're interested in learning more about any of the animals available for adoption at the SPCA of Hancock County by calling 207-667-8088 or by visiting their website,

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