Ted Nugent's visit to the White House on Wednesday was met with predictably polarizing results. One person who was not so enthralled with the idea was David Crosby. The two musicians, who have diametrically opposed views and lifestyles (albeit with a shared love of guns), wound up trading insults.

On Thursday, Crosby retweeted the picture of Nugent and President Donald Trump in the Oval Office, adding his own commentary. "This picture says it all ...the two most insincere smiles in history. What a pair of a--holes."

As Rolling Stone reported, Nugent was interviewed on New York's WABC Radio and was given the opportunity to respond to Crosby. The famously sober guitarist took aim at Crosby's history. "David Crosby, he's kind of a lost soul, and he's done so much substance abuse throughout his life that his logic meter is gone," he said. "His reasoning and his depth of understanding is pretty much gone, so it doesn't surprise me, I feel quite sad for the guy."

"I'll never forget when Paul McCartney condemned me for murdering innocent animals because we eat venison," he continued. "And I just responded by saying, you know, I don't really care what you eat, I'd just like to thank Paul McCartney for enriching our lives with his amazing music."

Nugent similarly recalled this story on a 2014 appearance on former Fox News star Bill O'Reilly's The O'Reilly Factor. While he did praise McCartney's career and say he had "no problems" with McCartney's diet, he prefaced it by joking, "If he wants tofu, I'll shoot him some tofu."

Upon hearing of Nugent's attack, Crosby tweeted, "Nugent is a brainless twit ....I can out think him without even trying hard"

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