It’s always entertaining when people try some of these famous treats from Maine.

Three curious teenagers named Jack, Ethan, and Lita, decided to conduct a taste test of four different foods and beverages that all Mainers are aware of, but maybe aren’t so well outside of the state. That’s why it is always fun to watch the expressions on the faces of folks trying these things for the very first time.

Each teen is armed with a dry erase board and a sharpie, and they try each item and grade it on a scale of 1-10.

The food taste test items are a can of Diet Moxie, Stonewall Kitchen Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, the hideous B&M Brown Bread in a can, and a personal favorite, Chocolate Needhams.

Here is the scorecard:
Diet Moxie- Jack- 7 Ethan- 1 Lita-5. Ethan had the complaint about Moxie that lots of people do, he claims it tastes like cough syrup.

Stonewall Kitchen Wild Maine Blueberry Jam-Jack-8 Ethan-7 Lita-6. This had the best score across the board and with good reason, it is 100% delicious!

B&M Brown Bread-Jack-6 Ethan-2 Lita-0. This had the worst score on the test. And I remember when someone brought a can into the studio, I flat out refused to even try it. The whole idea of this product disgusts me.

Chocolate Needhams-Jack-6 Ethan-9 Lita-2. This is my guilty pleasure of all of these items. You wouldn’t a dessert bar made from sugar, chocolate, coconut, and potato would work, but that and a glass of milk is one of my absolute favorite snacks.

This could be a fun thing for you and your friends to do because trying food is never a bad thing!

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