Why has this not been done before? It's inconceivable to me that this isn't already a thing!

Netflix is set to debut a new game show this weekend that will undoubtedly transport its viewers immediately back to childhood.

I don't think I could find one kid out there, from this generation or the last few, that hasn't at one point in their life played "The Floor Is Lava."

I remember being 6, jumping from the powder blue couch in our den onto the coffee table (much to the dismay of my mom) with my heart pounding. As my 4-year old sister tried to follow suit but missed the jump by a couple of inches, I felt my heart sink as she landed on the carpet. No, she wasn't hurt. But in my powerful imagination, she was now being burned by lava.

Fast forward 35 years, I now give pointers to my kids on how not meet a fiery end.

That's why I am so excited that Netflix has created a game show out of the concept, set to debut this Friday!

According to an article on Polygon.com,

"In this Netflix show, the lava is red water and not lava (of course), but instead of regular furniture, the rooms are full of themed props like giant Easter Island heads and space shuttle wrecks. The teams need to make it across using these props — falling into the lava means certain death! Er, disqualification. Same thing, right?"

And I thought I'd catch up on sleep and laundry this weekend! Hahahaha, fat chance! I feel a binge of "The Floor Is Lava" coming on. It debuts Friday June 19th for all to see...and then subsequently play!
Check out the trailer below!

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