Complete this hunt by taking photos of the 35 things on the list in Maine and you are sure to have a memorable Vacationland summer!

Amanda McDonald
Amanda McDonald

This list is for Maine residents and those from away. It is also fun for all ages! Accomplishing even half of this list is a fun challenge. Do you accept!?

Taking a photo of everything on this list is only for the purpose of preserving the memories you make. But we suggest it to keep track of what you have checked off this scavenger hunt list, and to remember the best summer ever!

Here it is! Take a photo of:

  • A Whoopie Pie
  • Stephen King's House
  • A Maine Festival
  • Something Found on the Beach
  • A Ship/ Boat
  • Lupines
  • A Luna Moth
  • Something Strange on a Rooftop
  • A Drive-in Movie Screen
  • Ice Cream
  • A Wild Critter
  • Live Outdoor Music
  • A Red Hotdog
  • Moxie
  • The State Capital Building
  • A Blueberry Field
  • Lobster
  • Mt. Katahdin
  • A Pinecone
  • The Top of Cadillac Mountain
  • Fireworks
  • Something w/ Appalachian Trail Symbol
  • A Waterfall
  • S'mores
  • A Fish
  • A Lighthouse
  • Eating Food Outside
  • A Campfire
  • Fireflies
  • A Lawn Mower
  • The View From The Thomas Hill Standpipe
  • A Porch Swing
  • A Water Fountain
  • The Forest
  • A Farm Animal


  • A Moose
  • An Obvious Out-Of-Stater
  • The Sunrise
  • A Black Bear
  • A Celebrity

Now get those cameras ready! Think we forgot something from this list let us know!

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