The over 4500 surveyed chose from a list of movies made in or after the year 2000 included on Rotten Tomatoes’ Top 150 Romantic Comedies.

The survey was conducted and then posted by

The most popular romantic comedy voted on by those here in Maine was, Bridesmaids, starring Saturday Night Live alums Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph.

Elsewhere in New England, the tabulation surmised that Bridesmaids was also #1 in Vermont.  New Hampshire voted for My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Massachusetts voted for The 40-Year-Old-Virgin, Connecticut choose Wedding Crashers, and Rhode Island is hooked on 500 Days of Summer.

The romantic comedy voted for the most across the country was The 40-Year-Old-Virgin starring Steve Carell. That movie won the vote in 19 states.

So with all of this new found information, find your honey bunny, snuggle up, and then head to your favorite streaming service for a night of romance and a few laughs. Happy Valentine's Day!

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