Why is there now a line of cars waiting at the stop sign by DeMeyer Field in Ellsworth?  Well since Monday the new Route 180 is now open to traffic!

The former Route 180, or the Mariaville Road, that carried cars and trucks across the Graham Lake Damn is now impassable.  The state has been concerned about the strength of the damn for years, and now rather than improving the damn motorists from Otis and beyond have a brand new 2 mile long road that will take them into Ellsworth, connecting with Route 1A.

The road looks and rides fantastic, so kudos to Sargent Corporation of Old Town and all the sub contractors and construction experts that worked on the new stretch of pavement!

And oh yes, the fun will start when school goes into session again, as the morning bus gets into the mix of cars now coming off the new 180, Route 1a and the Christian Ridge Road.

Let's all try to be patient!