As we roll into this fine Monday, we were wondering what some things might be that you've either borrowed and "accidentally" kept forever, or lent out to someone that they've never returned?

JStew: In years past, this was probably a bit more than a problem. As I've gotten older, I've become a lot less social, hahaha. So therefore, my lending and borrowing isn't as bad as it used to be. Although last year, I borrowed a really expensive snare from a friend that he hardly uses, and tried to just keep it til he forgot about it, and surprisingly, he never did forget about it, and I had to give it back, hahaha. And I lent a snare to a buddy for almost five years, thinking I'd never see that one again, and he returned it just two weeks ago! I didn't mind that he had it. In fact, I figured I'd have to sell it to him at some point, but it actually came back home! But like most folks, I've been burned and been the burner, so I'm guilty of both.

Cori: I've got to say, that as of the last few decades, I've been the one people come to to borrow stuff. Not often, but it happens. And I have a habit (haven't decided if its a bad or good one yet) of offering to lend things to people because of a want to be helpful and to solve problems for everyone. But then I totally forget that I've let someone borrow that thing, until I need it, go to look for it, and then can't find it. And even then, sometimes it takes me years to remember that I didn't lose it! I thought, for some time--like years actually--that someone had borrowed my yearbook on the last day of high school, and never returned it. Turns out, they had given it to my mom, and she had stuck it in a trunk. So for decades I thought this kid had kept it. Nope. So, long story longer...if I've ever let you borrow something, chances are I don't even remember, so you're likely in the clear. And if you're one of the very few people I've ever borrowed something from, I may have forgotten about that, too. I'm kind of a disaster.

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A quick look shows that we're all kind of in the same boat... Let's have a peek and see what you've gained and lost over the years.

Kelly Mahar I've borrowed my mom's dishes, she will never see them again *evil laugh*

Sara James Sanborn I lent out a really nice copy of my favorite book, Wuthering Heights. I should have known better

Bobbie Lindsey Books! I have never had anyone return a book they have borrowed.

Furrøw Wøød Time

Greg Miller Tools lots and lots of tools. Either they never got returned or they came back to me broken and unrepairable.

Bob Hatch I've loaned everything from 8track tapes to tools, and never got them back. I don't loan stuff now.

Cheryl McManus A book that I really liked. Hence the reason that I rarely loan them out now

Jennie Lynn An 8 foot bull whip...a "friend" borrowed it for a costume and never gave it back. When I asked for it I was told the dog chewed it up.

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