Hey there! Today we posited the theory that some things just hurt way more than it seems they should. What are those things?

JStew: Man, I feel like I could do a whole post by myself about this, but I'll try to narrow it down to a few of the fun ones, so to speak. Let's start with hitting your bare ankle on anything. Stubbing your ankle, as opposed to your toe is the best description of what I'm talking about. Try banging your ankle on anything and let me know how it feels. Another favorite, especially as a drummer is blisters. Not burns, burns always hurt. But say, blisters from raking leaves. Friction blisters. Like from hiking. Those are awful. And to top things off with something truly gross.....popping a zit. Sometimes pimples seem like they're connected to every single nerve ending in your body. Truly awful.

Cori: Typically, I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. I've had 4 giant babies, and live with daily pain that would bring any normal human being to their knees. But there are two things that with cause me to actually complain about the discomfort and those would be really terrible heartburn (the kind that even an entire container of Tums won't touch) and when you tweak muscles in either your neck or between your shoulder blades. When it hurts so bad you can't turn your head to change lanes, that's hurting way more than it should! In the same fashion, I've had Charlie Horses that have made be think my calves are going to pop off my bone. Those suck, too. I'm so broken! What's wrong with me?!

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Looks like everybody has something that sucks. Our toes are cringing as we read your comments. Check 'em out....

Mary Klein Drouin Childbirth, Tetanus shot
Jennifer Warren Lemoine Paper cuts
Becca Avery Ant bite
Betsy Goodwin Stepping on a Lego, stubbing your toe on a table.
Josiah Babcock Love & Hitting your head on something when you’re just walking normal speed.
J.r. Jordan Charlie horses
Donny McLaughlin The Truth!
Alan Jones Being alive.
Chris Soper My head after a tequilla night
Aj Riseman Stupidity
Tanya Kelly Stubbing your little toe on the coffee table, Razor burn
Renee Boulier Reed Thorns
Robert Polovina Pooping
Webster Reed You know how like sometimes when your dog is climbing off the couch, and their paw ends up on your foot, but instead of hopping off and going about their business, they stop, dig their claws into the soft flesh between your toes and they streeeeeeetch? That.
Tony Bologna Sitting on your balls
Joe McBrady Stepping on a Lego
Angela Faulkner Paper cut
Jon Goodwin Stubbing your toe!!!!
Marty Joyce Marriage
Cooper Fox Stubbing your toe
Nathaniel Bernier Bending a fingernail backwards
Justin Cross Biting your cheek
Samantha Smith Hitting your funny bone
Richard Kenefic Listening to you on the radio.
Paul Moore Cable bill
Justin Hogan My back right now. So this is 40 huh? Cool.
Tina Killinger Papercut
Dorian Daniels A snarky comment by a stranger
Shannon Denbow Love
Tina Killinger When your favorite sports team loses
Jeremy Dubay Your belly when hit in the junk
Keri Whitney A hangnail
Scott Tucker Eating the last wing. It’s more of a psychological pain.
Jay Tubbs The death of Optimus Prime in the OG movie
Jennifer Nittolo Hitting your funny bone. It should FUNNY, not ouchy
Nicholas Dargie Going to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for any reason whatsoever.
Jesyca Haferman Love
Zachary B Romanoff Those tiny cuticle thingys that barely peel back behind Fingernails
Spence Nelson 3000 cycles per second hertz plenty!
Fred Ashmore Eating chinese food
Sean Kevin Hadley Life
Joy Folsom The heart
Kari Jo Davis Combing your hair and catching a snarl.
Todd Orcutt Pulling/plucking nose hair
Mike Miles That moment when the tooth that needs a root canal touches another tooth, and sends a shrieking lightning stab of pain to the brain.
Dave Tayes Tooth pain
Christine Delano Giving birth.
 Brad T. O'Brien Love
Tony Margaronis Having a broken back.
Zachary Robbins Teenage heartbreak (Cue theme song to 'Dawson's Creek').
Mary K. Drew Mammograms. If men had to do them, another method would have been found by now!
Michelle Plaisted When your child is hurting and nothing you can do to fix it
LeeAnne Vaughan Watching your kid drive away solo the first time...
Engineer Mike When you pinch your fingers
Anthony Parks  Paper cuts, Stubbing your pinky toe, pimples on your lips or in your nose, pulling a nose hair.
Caller Getting BBQ sauce under your contact.


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