There's nothing complicated about it, you just need to read the road signs. For some, that's clearly too much of a task.

It's a small intersection in The County that, at times, can make a driver's blood boil. The convergence of the Presque Isle Road (Route 163) and Route 11 is nothing crazy. There isn't an elaborate traffic pattern, there's only one stop sign, and it isn't all that busy. There's even a sign that explains how the flow of traffic works, but people clearly don't read said sign.

Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media
Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media

Here's How Traffic Flows:

It's simple. Northbound traffic on Route 11 stops at the intersection until it's clear of vehicles. South bound traffic on Route 11, and vehicles traveling on the Presque Isle Road have the right-of-way. Again, there's a sign that explains all of this to northbound traffic.

It appears some drivers think this intersection is a two-way stop. Without fail I've been cut-off countless times, nearly t-boned on several occasions, and received many one finger salutes while traveling the right-of-way through this intersection. Every time this has happened to me, I had been attempting to turn southbound on Route 11 from the Presque Isle Road. While some vehicles in violation have sported Maine plates, a majority have been "from away." Perhaps this can serve as a bit of education.

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