Looks like the Bangor Water District is going to have a beautiful day for this fall's foliage tour this week. The weatherman is calling for sunny and 63 degrees.

The Fall Foliage Tour is this Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The Bangor Water District opens the Thomas Hill Standpipe four times a year but this is by far my personal favorite.

For those who have never enjoyed one of these tours, get ready because the views aren’t the only breathtaking aspect of the experience. I am speaking of course of the 100 steps to get to the promenade deck. Also anyone planning on a visit should know that, designed in 1897, the standpipe is not handicapped accessible.

To reach the tour location, travel on Thomas Hill Road to the standpipe will be one-way from Highland Avenue; parking is limited in the immediate area of the standpipe.

standpipe map

These event are hosted by the Bangor Water District.

Incase you can't take the stairs. Here is some great Bangor foliage too.

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