Personally I have been to Bangor Wales and Bangor Maine.  I have even been to Northern Ireland but this three minute video shows me I missed the boat.

I traveled through the U.K. back in 1985.  I was traveling with the wife of a Maine Maritime Academy teacher who was on a training mission on 'The Maine' from Castine heading to ports all over the U.K.  We rented a car and drove and ferried our way to the ports the ship landed in and then he'd play tour guide.

While in Ireland we went through machine gun checkpoints and spent three days in Dublin during a binman strike with trash piled high in the street.  Little did we know we were missing out on all the wonder of the other Bangor.

We did make it to Bangor, Wales and it was beautiful yet a much more quaint village than the one in Northern Ireland. According to Geotarget Bangor N. Ireland isn't the only one I missed. Their site says there are 20 Bangors worldwide and an amazing 5 of them are right there in the U.K.

Google Maps
Google Maps Each Red Dot is a Bangor Somewhere

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