"911, what is your emergency?  Certainly, we'll send a boat right away."

So here's what happens when people trapped in an elevator in Lisbon, Portugal, calls a police dispatcher in Lisbon, Maine, for help.  Yes, it happened.

Cathy Roy, who has been a dispatcher for 22 years at the Lisbon Police Department here in Maine, took a call from a couple of panicked tourists a couple of weeks ago claiming that they were stranded in a an elevator and feeling claustrophobic. According to the woman on the phone she had pressed the emergency button over twenty minutes ago and help hadn't arrived jet.

Eventually, Roy figured out that they were calling from Lisbon, Portugal, thousands of miles across the Atlantic!

The women in the elevator had Googled "Lisbon police" and called the first number that came up, which got them Roy, located in Lisbon, Maine.

Roy then did a little Googling herself and made contact with the Lisbon, Portugal Police Department who rushed to the ladies rescue, while Roy was still on the phone with them!

How cool was that?  Real cool.

By the way, the two women stuck in the elevator were from the United States.

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