It was a scary crash in Southern Maine when a driver had to ditch his tractor trailer, loaded with explosives.

The accident happened at approximately 12:30 Tuesday afternoon. Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss says a tractor trailer, driven by 48-year-old Casey Thomas of Sandown, New Hampshire, was traveling south on Interstate 95 in Sabattus. The truck was in the passing lane, around mile marker 88 when an unknown vehicle cut in front of it, causing Thomas to drive into the median shoulder to avoid a collision. According to the State Police, Thomas said that he was unable to get back into the travel portion of the road and the truck eventually struck the center guardrail.

Thomas was driving for Maine Drilling and Blasting, and the truck was loaded with explosives. Fortunately, none of the explosives were released or this could have been a much more serious incident. Thomas was not injured in the accident, but his truck sustained damage to the left front fender and 3 flat tires.

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