As we think back of all the television comedies over the past few decades, nothing makes us crack a smile and let loose a chuckle quicker than Two and a Half Men does.

It's been one of our favorites for years, even in syndication where channels seem to play the comedic sitcom endlessly.  But we don't mind. The chemistry between the cast and their defined characters was amazing.

We were very sorry to hear this week that Conchata Ferrell, the actress that played Berta the housekeeper, had passed away.  Ferrell was was 77 years-old and had resided in a long-term care facility in California recently.  She passed on Monday of complications following a cardiac arrest.

In the show, hard living Berta kept both Charlie and Allen somewhat under control, always had a quick and humorous story, refused to go the extra mile, and had the best facial expressions in the business.

The world is a little lonelier this week.  RIP Berta.

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