They're here.  Maybe.

We like to keep an eye on things like this and then share them with our listeners, because, well, we do.  We once told by a man in all seriousness, "If you want them to come, they will."  Well, someone must want them to come to Maine.

Here's the latest:

1-Someone in York, in the southern part of the state, reported this sighting to UFOSTALKER this past Tuesday, February 5th, bu Route 91.  They're really not sure what they saw, but one would have to wonder if it was a large drone.

"I was driving home last night and stopped at an intersection. i looked to my left, due east, and saw two bright lights hovering in the sky, about 200 ft (see video) . it definitely hovered, was not moving towards me until a couple minutes later. it followed the road i was on and went right over my car. in the video, you will hear a car go by, but the next sound is the engine of the "plane," if thats what it was. i was struck by how low and slowly it was moving. i could see the two lights you can see in the video and the blinker in the middle and im pretty sure there were two more lights opposite those. in other words, there were 4 non-blinking lights that were gray/blue and from beneath the object, appeared to be somewhat translucent, but the 2 lights that faced forward were bright (see the video) , however, i could see nothing of the object itself at any time. so, in some ways it behaved like a plane but it was not a normal plane. after it passed over my car - there is brief footage of what it looked like after it passed- it moved along rt.91 and i followed it for a couple of miles until it veered off and i lost it in the trees."

2_Meanwhile, on Monday January 28th, a little closer to home in Ellsworth, someone was interrupted while doing the laundry and reported an occurrence to UFO-HUNTERS.

"was home, i stepped outside to retrieve my laundry from the laundry room only accessible by going outside, it was 6:25pm. i was walking south-southeast when i saw a very large stationary light above another apartment building. it was larger than the stars, it was shining wildly yellowish white. my first thought was that it was a planet. so i go inside the laundry room and get my laundry. (only 1 or 2 minutes.) the door is facing north. i walk back out (facing south) and i hear a whirring noise from above my head. i look up and see three whitish yellow lights flying north above my head. there were two red lights in the front. the glow of the lights created an aura i saw the edge of a triangle. i, then immediately look back up where i first saw the white glowing object, and its gone! the complete triangle with lights was larger now, closer. maybe slightly larger than a basket ball. its flying very slow. my little sister (age 11) walks out of her apartment building also on the north side, (mine is in the middle) and i ask her if she sees the lights. she does. we talked for a couple minutes watching the lights as they slowly flew away."



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