"If you believe in them, then they will come."

That was said to me way back when by a man that belonged to some UFO club.  I thought that he was a little weird.  Maybe he thought I was as well.

It's always interesting to hear about what some have claimed to have seen in the nighttime sky above Maine. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) are what they call them now, although most still call them UFOs.

You have to live on another planet to not know about the recent U.S. Government Report that listed 143 UAP incidents since 2004.  It concluded that there wasn't any evidence of aliens but acknowledged that no one could explain what indeed had happened or what had been observed.

Especially one instance that was observed by a couple of Navy pilots, who other than being thrillseekers, really aren't that weird at all.

The Federal Aviation Administration instructs those that think they may have witnessed a UFO to report it to the National UFO Reporting Center, so that's where we went.  Here's what we found that folks claim they have seen in the nighttime sky over Maine the past two months.

Friday, July 22-24, Eastport

Seen: Five spoked object like a wheel with multiple bright, red, green, white, blue, & yellow flashing lights along the spoke structures.

"This is a UFO report for three consecutive nights, July 22nd, July 23rd, and July 24th, 2021. From approximately 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM the next morning, each night, I (a licensed pilot) and another witness (a college student) saw the following described the single object in the Eastern sky at an estimated 5,000-foot elevation or 30 degrees above the horizon, over the water and New Brunswick, Canada near Eastport, Maine, the furthest east location in the U. S. The object appeared to have five extremely long spokes like a wheel or the bottom of an office chair, that were lighted up by multiple flashing and solid-colored lights of green, red, white, yellow, and blue and possibly other colors as well. There were many more lights solid and flashing outlining the individual spoke-like structures than a normal aircraft has marked its wingtips and tail with the typical red, green, and white single lights. It appeared to be stationary at times and also to move at will! very, very fast by darting and skipping around in the clear full-moon lighted sky wherever it chose to go. This was obviously not any known aircraft or helicopter, because it was way too fast in its movements and maneuvers. It continued its patterns randomly for the next three hours until it suddenly and quickly disappeared."

Wednesday, July 28th, Winthrop

Seen: Silent white light.

"I witnessed a single bright white/blue (like an arc welder) light traveling in a southeasterly direction. Approximately 1500 feet high moving about 200mph. It was silent. No blinking lights. Not a plane, not a helicopter, and not a meteor."

"I had a bright flashlight in hand as I was outside to observe an expected meteor shower. I recognized it was something unusual right away. I decided to blink my flashlight at it, to see if it would respond. I blinked my light twice. The light immediately changed course. Now traveling straight up from my viewpoint. It disappeared into space. The sky was extremely clear and made this all a stunning experience. It happened quickly."

Monday, August 9th, Auburn

Seen: Straight line object of 4 small lights with a VERY bright 5th light on left side.

"I was a passenger in a vehicle and was looking up into the sky ahead. There were thick grey clouds rolling in, with a possible storm, ahead. I saw a stationary object, that appeared to not be moving. It was a straight black line that had a very bright light on the far left end, with approximately 4 smaller lights, in a straight line from the brightest light. We passed a line of trees, where I lost sight of it, for a moment of approx 4 seconds. As we passed the trees, a few feet ahead, I saw that there was NOTHING in the sky, in any direction. The object seemed to have vanished. It was unlike anything I have ever seen. I cannot say what shape it was because all I saw was the odd lights on a black straight line. It was NOT a drone or a plane."

Friday, August 13th, Cumberland Foreside

Seen: Six flashing red and white lights in triangular shape flying southbound seen from the ground by pilot /former ATC (air traffic control).

"While waiting to watch meteors from last night's meteor shower I noticed an object flying southbound exhibiting a triangular shape display of six blinking red then white lights. Each color remained for a second before changing. the white looked like the color of a white LED the red was similar to a red LED. The object moved at a constant speed and direction. the speed appeared to be similar to that of a high-flying jet. The object disappeared behind a cloud over Portland before I could get my camera. Being a former air traffic controller and pilot for 50 years, I feel this was not a typical aircraft. a check of PWM tower and Boston ARTCC have no aircraft being tracked at that time in the area."

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