A group walking around Bangor City Forest got quite the surprise -- an up-close encounter with a young moose.

While it's not unheard of, it's certainly a rare sight. On a recent outing at Bangor City Forest, Felicia Kirkland had quite the run-in with one of Maine's most iconic critters. The young bull moose was spotted off the Rabbit Trail. Kirkland told the Bangor Daily News, "He was really like less than 5 feet away from me originally, but I backed up because, ‘safety first.'"

Seemingly unfazed by her presence, the moose continued to browse on nearby branches. Kirkland said she and her friends saw tracks and droppings nearby, but didn't think they'd encounter the moose.

Moose sightings in Bangor, as of recent, have been seemingly becoming more routine. Back in August, a young moose was spotted wandering around a Bangor neighborhood. In June, another moose was seen wandering around the Bangor Mall area.

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Wildlife officials encourage watching wild animals at a distance.

Here's another video of hikers encountering a moose in Bangor City Forest.

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