If you have never heard "Find a penny, pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck" you've been missing out on a lot of good fortune.

So what better day to start than National Lucky Penny Day. However, you should know as I explain in the video there are rules. In order for a penny to be lucky it needs to be face up, in the things are looking up pose.

I had a friend once who said that believing in luck showed a lack of faith. I said oh contraire, God loves to encourage me and those he loves signs. She said fine but she wanted to call them providential pennies in that case. So for some this is Providential Penny Day.

And when it is face down what do you do? Well for many penny seekers they just walk on by but for me I stop and flip it over so someone else can be encouraged.  I did this once outside a class I was taking and when the class was over I got to see the reaction of the girl who found it. I'll tell you it was joy for both of us.

So whether you are looking to give luck or find it have a great day. And if you do find a lucky penny take a pic and #LuckyPennyDay.

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