Father’s day is close at hand and I think we’d all agree dads are hard to buy for. No it's not a check your writing. A new study shows the cost of  the gift isn't the most impactful thing you can give.

The study done late last year asked Americans the question, "what makes a gift seem more special?" The answer for 6 in 10 of those surveyed said it was a hand written note. To a lesser degree it doesn’t hurt if you make your package look nice too with wrapping and so on but that is really more of a girly thing.  The other fact that rose out of the study for men is the older your dad is, say over 55, the more he appreciated your hand written note. Add a few photos and you’ve increased the appeal again. So see making your gift stand out and be memorable to your dad is as easy as a few kind words written by you in a note.

If you don't feel like you are exceptionally good at expressing your feeling in writing keep it simple. The effect will still be felt by your dad. Need some seeds to get you started? Express gratitude for: time, caring, support, example, laughter, life, saying no sometimes.  Or for some it might be I know you are only human , we all make mistakes, I forgive you. You can do this.

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