Here's a pretty vivid reminder to slow down and veer away from any emergency vehicle that is on the side of the road with its lights flashing.

Wow, this Trooper and the guy that he had just pulled over are pretty fortunate.  They both dodged a bullet with this one.

This incident, posted by the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety on Facebook today, shows a Maine State Trooper with a black Chevy pick-up pulled over.  You'll see and hear the Trooper talking to the driver on the side of either the Maine Turnpike or Interstate.  The Trooper tells the driver why he was pulled over, and then walks back to his cruiser.

After a while, you'll see, hear, and almost feel, a speeding box truck go by, but not without side-swiping the police cruiser.  Wow.  Pieces of the cruiser go flying into the air.

Thankfully, you'll hear the Trooper tell his occupant that he's okay.

Don't let this happen to you.  Slow down, so that everyone can live to see tomorrow!


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