Thanks very much to Ellsworth Public Works director Lisa Sekulich for creating this video and explaining to us exactly what you can and cannot recycle beginning on February 1st.

Big changes are coming to the Ellsworth Recycling facility for a variety of reasons, and what you're used to dropping off may indeed have to go into the garbage soon.

Watch and learn, and also remember these tips when recycling:

  1. Remember to check the bottom of any plastic bottle or container for the small # which is encircled by a triangle.  This tells you what number plastic that the item is.
  2. Any container that still holds it's contents, like shampoo, detergent, milk, or any other sort of food, will not be accepted. The residue left within those items are contaminants.  If you leave those items in the Recycling Center they will be thrown away.  So, clean your recyclables before dropping them off.

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