Are they open yet?

Hey, it's finally springtime in Maine, and after a long hard winter one's thoughts turn to nice warm sandy beaches, and of course pizza and fries!

At least once every year, we'll pack up the Chevette, throw the suitcase up on the roof rack, and head south to Old Orchard Beach to hang out with the tourists from Quebec.

Now after a long day of diggin' our tootsies down into the sand and admiring the girls in bikinis, there's a couple of required stops before heading over to Palace Playland - Lisa's Pizza and Pier French Fries!  Burp.....sorry.

Yes, Lisa's Pizza, the iconic take out stand almost at the end of Old Orchard Street is officially open for the season!

We'll usually grab a couple of slices of the best pizza off the beach and then waddle across the street to complete our meal by picking up a box of The Original Pier French Fries, some of the best crinkle-cut fries in the state! But, you're gonna have to wait a few more days for those fries, as the business isn't due to open until Friday, April 5th.

We don't have to remind you that the ocean's waters are ripe for producing hypothermia, so it may be a little too early to don that speedo and jump in.  But supper is just about ready to be served up on the main drag at Old Orchard Beach.

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