Oh, Facebook.  Our best friend and worst enemy.

With their current state of affairs relating to user information, we are slowly getting to know how to deal with what information Facebook has and still trying to figure out how to secure our information and privacy.  Well, here's a new piece to the puzzle.  Facebook is labeling you.

Not too surprising but it's buried into your settings and you can check it out.  These labels have been chosen by Facebook and you can see which labels you go into.  Feel objectified?  You should but that's how the platform makes the dollar bills, y'all.  It's a marketing tool and is used to optimize modern advertising with the goal of targeting your wallet.

The labels include your political leanings, what kind of devices you use (like a tablet, phone, computer, android vs. apple, and make of your phone), if you changed your phone recently, if you have moved or have a new addition to your family.

Again, this is what Facebook categorized you in order for advertisers to find you.

Where do you find this information?  Follow these instructions.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click 'Ads'
  3. Click 'Your Information'
  4. Click 'Your Categories

Anything surprising to you?  Does this sway you in how you interact with Facebook?

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